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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pushing and fist clenching over Aussie flag burning

couriermail: Tensions erupted yesterday at the University of Queensland in Brisbane when angry students butted heads with a youth group over the sale of flag-burning kits.

Orientation week festivities were interrupted by the shouting of profanities, pushing and clenching of fists over the burning of the Australian flag.

"You want to burn our flag, I want to burn your table," said one man.

As the argument escalated another man attempted to throw a punch but was restrained.

The altercation, between several members of Socialist youth group Resistance and two male students, was broken up by university security guards.

Resistance did not burn a flag. Member Paul Benedek said it did not want to get in trouble with the university, which had banned burning or advertising of the kits. Read more