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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Iran was not referred to the Security Council for Noncompliance

by Mike Whitney

opednews: How powerful is the mainstream media?

Is it powerful enough to convince the public that Iran was "referred" to the UN Security Council for violations to the NPT when, in fact, it wasn't?

The IAEA did not report on Iran's "noncompliance" to the Security Council; because there is no evidence that Iran has done anything wrong. As nuclear physicist Gordon Prather points out in his recent article, "March Madness", "THE BOARD DIDN'T REPORT ANYTHING."


Then why do the media keep insisting that Iran has been called before the Security Council for noncompliance?

Could it be that the media is simply executing an agenda that is deliberately designed to deceive?

There was no "referral" and there will be no "punitive action" because there are no treaty violations. As Prather states, "the IAEA Board 'REQUESTED' that Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei report to the Security Council"... "calling on Iran to-among other things-implement 'transparency measures'".

These "transparency measures" have nothing to do with Iran's obligations under the NPT. They are additional demands made at the behest of the Bush administration to force Iran to provide access to "individuals, documentation relating to procurement, dual-use equipment, certain military owned workshops, and research and development as the Agency may request in support of its ongoing investigations".

What does this mean?

It means that the Bush administration, which has already demonstrated its hostile intentions towards Iran, will be able to operate secretly behind its surrogates in the IAEA to locate all of Iran's conventional weapons sites, radar facilities, and military installations so they can easily destroy Iran's defensive capability when the inevitable attack is launched.

Isn't this the same trap that Saddam fell into?

The IAEA should be condemning the administration's belligerence rather than facilitating another war.

The IAEA members are well-aware of the propaganda that is currently circulating in the wire-services and newspapers. Why are they playing along?

Do they really believe that war can be averted by capitulation to the superpower? Read more

Mike Whitney references this by Gordon Prather: March madness