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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sadr: Unity, responsibility, foreign troops out

sana: Sadr Calls Iraqis to Face Bids of Sedition

Leader of Sadrist movement in Iraq Muqtada Sadr called on Wednesday the Iraqi people to resort to unity and solidarity as to make those seeking to enflame sedition among them miss the opportunity.

In a press conference held in Damascus to explain his position over the terror attack targeted a shrine in Sameraa in Iraq, Sadr said "we urge Iraqis to be up to the level of responsibility and the size of this catastrophe asking you to keep Iraq's unity and safety."

He noted that his message to the Iraqi people today is the "unity and consolidation and not to be dragged to schemes aimed at getting at their unity with the emphases on punishing criminals by the most strict penalties."

Sadr called the forces of occupation to withdraw from Iraq according to a fixed time table demanding the Iraqi parliament to vote on the full pull out of foreign troops from the Iraqi territories.

He said that he cut his visit to Lebanon and intended to head to Iraq despite of obstacles put by forces of occupation in face of his return warning of consequences that might affect his personal safety.

Sadr declared mourning in all Iraqi regions to denounce this heinous crime that happened in a holy month calling all Iraqis to condemn this crime. Link