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Monday, November 12, 2007

Afghanistan: U.S. kills 'compound' kids and their Mum

The US didn't need air power to do the business in this latest case of infanticide:

The U.S. military in Afghanistan says 15 militants along with an Afghan woman and two children were killed during a battle with insurgents in the south.

In a statement, the U.S.-led coalition said U.S.-led troops were raiding compounds suspected of housing bomb makers in Helmand province on Sunday when militants attacked them with heavy fire.

The statement said several militant fighters barricaded themselves inside a house on the compound and fired at coalition forces. Coalition forces threw a grenade at the house, which collapsed.

Troops later recovered the bodies of an Afghan woman and two children, along with several militants and their weapons.

In eastern Afghanistan, NATO said two of its troops were killed and another wounded Monday, after a roadside bomb exploded.

No other details were available. Link

db: Given the location of the house [in a 'compound'] U.S. boneheads were within their rights to kill off these kids. On the road to freedom kids in compounds must die.