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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ian Blair personally condemned in new IPCC report

Sir Ian Blair will be personally condemned by the police watchdog next week in a move that could finally cost him his job as Scotland Yard chief.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is understood to be scathing of his attempts to block its initial investigation into the Jean Charles de Menezes case.

Its damning report into the innocent Brazilian's shooting by police at Stockwell Tube station will further undermine the Metropolitan Police Commissioner's attempts to cling on to his position.

It's also emerged a man shot by police in a botched anti-terror raid claims to have been subjected to a second armed arrest.

Abdul Kahar was hit in the shoulder and he and his brother, Abul Koyair, detained when police broke into their home in Forest Gate, East London, in June last year.

Despite an intensive search of the house, no incriminating material was found and the Metropolitan Police had to issue an apology to the pair.

Last night, the brothers told Channel 4 News that they were held at gunpoint again this August by armed officers.

... Officials at the IPCC are angry that Sir Ian tried to stop investigators from accessing the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting scene in the immediate aftermath of the killing in July 2005.

In an extraordinary letter, written within hours of the fatal blunder, the Met Commissioner said he should be able to suspend as he saw fit a legal requirement for the death to be investigated.

Critics say the letter revealed the extent of Sir Ian's desperation to avoid an immediate probe by the IPCC. But the Home Office's top civil servant over-ruled the Met Chief, saying there was nothing in law that allowed his actions.

Details of the exchange will be outlined in the full IPCC report into the Stockwell shooting, which is expected to be released next Thursday.

The report will also include details of how Special Branch detectives tried to cover up a key blunder that led to the shooting. Link