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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Neo-Labour Sleaze: Blair's inner circle sweat

Lord Levy has fuelled fears he is about to turn on the Labour Party after telling friends he is furious at the lack of public support from senior ministers.

The cash-for-honours investigation increasingly threatens to split Tony Blair's inner circle asunder in a welter of recrimination.

Friends and family of the two key suspects, Lord Levy and Ruth Turner, fought a battle for public sympathy last week as the show of unity began to unravel.

Now a cabinet minister close to Tony Blair's chief fundraiser has raised the stakes, telling The Independent on Sunday that Lord Levy "feels badly let down".

"He feels that he has given the party everything. He's helped raise between £60m and £80m for us. Without that money we might not be in government, and yet people are not standing by him." Link

db: Mobster politics. This appeal for the Neo-Labour party to 'stand by' Levy - simply because he was successful at raising cash - is similar to the appeal the other day from former Neo-Labour Cabinet Minister Stephen Byers concerning loyalty to the arch criminal himself, Blair - "This is the time for the Labour Party to stand united and show loyalty to the man who led us to three election victories."

Cash + Power = Everything