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Monday, October 03, 2005

'Al Qaeda Website' Openly Hiring New Recruits

asharqalawsat: In a move mirroring the recruitment process at the Central Intelligence Agency, a website affiliated with al Qaeda has announced it was recruiting for a number of vacant posts, including compiling reports by militant groups in Iraq , written and audiovisual, assembling information from satellite television channel on extremist Islamic groups and their activities in Palestine , Iraq , and Chechnya . It was also seeking language specialists with excellent knowledge of Arabic and English, both oral and grammar.

Other vacant positions that al Qaeda hopes to fill are a video programmer and a researcher for news on Muslims worldwide.

The 'Global Islamic Media Front' said it's PR department would follow up the applications and communicate with candidates through private email messages.

Al Qaeda did not indicate the different ranks of the vacant positions. Instead, it said, "Every Muslim should know that his life is not his own; it is the property of this violated nation for whom men have shed their blood. No other issue should take precedence over work for the Umma (Community of the faithful within Islam); it is an obligation for every Muslim."

According to the message posted by the Front, each applicant should turn to God for guidance and pray before submitting his applications. Link

db: Could be a great career move by the sound of it. Apparently 'new hire' takes place at a beach resort in the northern Caribbean. They got their own jets and everything. Book early!