They just got a different tool to use than we do: They kill innocent lives to achieve objectives. That's what they do. And they're good. They get on the TV screens and they get people to ask questions about, well, you know, this, that or the other. I mean, they're able to kind of say to people: Don't come and bother us, because we will kill you. Bush - Joint News Conference with Blair - 28 July '06

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alawite communities will pay the price - al-Nusra

Three Syrian Alawite lorry drivers await execution by freedom fighters in this frame grab. William Hague will need to consider how 'we' prevent a further upsurge in sectarian killings, should 'we' take military action in Syria to support what he quaintly refers to as 'rebels'. The video is available here.  As 'the west' scrambles to determine that Bashar al Assad is responsible for launching a chemical weapons attack against the civilians of Ghouta, our allies in the al-Nusra Front appear to have concluded their investigations early, and hold Alawite communities responsible:-
'Alawites will pay for it'
An al Qaeda-affiliated rebel commander in Syria has pledged to target communities of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite minority with rockets in revenge for an alleged chemical attack near Damascus, according to an audio recording seen on Sunday.
"For every chemical rocket that has fallen on our people in Damascus, one of their villages will, by the will of God, pay for it," Abu Mohammad al-Golani of the al-Nusra Front said in the recording posted on YouTube. "On top of that we will prepare a thousand rockets that will be fired on their towns in revenge for the Damascus Ghouta massacre." Link