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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Afghanistan: Brit describes terror of US bomb

"The shockwave hit the building and everything went dark. The force punched into my chest and pressed me down through the roof. I knew immediately that the bomb had fallen short - and I knew we would have casualties."

Speaking for the first time since a 500lb American bomb exploded among his soldiers, Lt George Seal-Coon has given ... a chilling description of the "friendly fire" incident that left three British soldiers dead.

As the thick desert dust cleared it revealed a scene of "horror and carnage", he said.

Men were lying mortally injured. Clothes had been stripped from bodies by the force of the blast. Cries of "medic, medic" echoed around the compound. Link

db: What level of cooperation will be provided by the US military? Will the cockpit video of the dude responsible be made available without a fight? You'd hope that this time the British government will support the families and demand 100% compliance from the US with the legal process.

The carnage described in this Telegraph piece came about because the troops called in US air support to drop a 500lb bomb on the 'Taliban' enemy; so the Brits must take some resonsibility when the notorious boneheads once more get it wrong The unfortunate fact is that the yanks dropped the bomb on our lads rather than on a family of nine wholly innocent civilians sleeping in their beds - which is the more orthodox US approach and generally causes less fuss.