They just got a different tool to use than we do: They kill innocent lives to achieve objectives. That's what they do. And they're good. They get on the TV screens and they get people to ask questions about, well, you know, this, that or the other. I mean, they're able to kind of say to people: Don't come and bother us, because we will kill you. Bush - Joint News Conference with Blair - 28 July '06

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Tories compete with New Labour for 'new' ideas

The Conservatives have said mending Britain's "broken society" should be a top priority - rather than the traditional emphasis on tax and crime. Link

db: New Tory and New Labour have an interchangeable set of policies [let's call them solutions] which reflect not competing world views or heaven help us philosophies, but only differences in emphasis and nuance.

As for the 'new idea' above regarding Britain's 'broken' society I'd just like to ask one thing - if it is 'broken' who broke it? Yes, you got it, the Tory party and the Labour party who have ruled over us since WW2.