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Monday, June 04, 2007

Israeli tanks and Cats raid southern Gaza

Israeli bulldozer in Rafah

Some Israeli occupation troops' vehicles advanced deep into sofa area, east of Rafah city, south Gaza strip and bulldozed swaths of arable lands under an aerial cover and heavy firing meanwhile in the West Bank house-house raid has been carried out in several cities and towns in which several were arrested.

South [of] the Strip, a column of Israeli convoys advanced deep in Sofa area, east Rafah city and razed Palestinians lands. Security sources said that the Israeli troops thrust in one Km deep into PNA territories and occupied two houses took up positions and vandalized the houses furniture.

Witnesses said that an IOF patrol troop searched several residents' houses, left such houses in shambles and questioned some households before arresting some of them. Then afterward the Israeli troops used megaphones to order residents at age 16-45 year to gather in the main courtyard.

Eight residents were rounded up by the Israeli troops today morning in Jenin, Tulkarem and Rammallagh cities, Israeli military sources said in broadcast remarks. Link

Israeli Catterpiller bulldozers in action: