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Friday, June 22, 2007

English Tomatoes vanish from Tescos

Group sales, including VAT, increased by 16.7% to £43.1 billion (2005 – £37.0 billion). At constant exchange rates, sales grew by 15.0%. Group profit before tax increased by 18% to £2,235 million (2005 – £1,894 million). Underlying profit before tax (excluding IAS 32 and IAS 39 and the non–cash elements of IAS 19, which are replaced by the normal cash contributions) increased to £2,277 million, up by 18.3%. Underlying diluted earnings per share grew by 15.1% to 20.30p and diluted earnings per share increased by 15.1% to 19.92p.

A final dividend of 6.10p per ordinary share (2005 – 5.27p) is proposed. Together with the interim dividend of 2.53p (2005 – 2.29p) already paid, this brings the full year dividend to 8.63p (2005 – 7.56p) an increase of 14.2% on last year.

British Tomatoes don't give Tescos sufficient margin to justify them stocking them and selling them to us eager punters. Instead, at my local store, there is a mountain of toms from Poland. Sorry Polish friends but for once I am prepared to venture into rabid nationalism: English Toms are best.

Tescos, you bastards - where are they?

Update: It has been pointed out to me that in fact at Tescos you can still buy English toms - but alas it is only via the rip-off Tescos "finest" range. Given that they charge eight quid for four, my tomato sauce, which I make in huge quantities, would end up costing me more than a 2 week 5* holiday in Naples - with money over.