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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cryptome Shutdown by Verio/NTT

As you would expect from John Young, Cryptome is back up, but for interest.....

[By certified mail, received 28 April 2007.]

VERIOAn NTT Communications Company
Writer's Direct Numberso) 303-645-1912fax) 303-708-2445e-mail: dthompson[at]
April 20, 2007

Via Certified Mail
John YoungCryptome Org251 West 89th StreetNew Yor, NY 10024

Dear Mr. Young,
This letter is to notify you that we are terminating your service for violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, effective Friday May 4, 2007. We are providing you with two week notice to locate another service provider.
VERIO NTT Communications Company

Danna ThompsonLegal Department
Verio Inc.8005 S. Chester StreetSuite 200Englewood, CO 80112

db: Link to Cryptome MIRROR here.