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Saturday, June 17, 2006

DoD claims it treated Gitmo Captives with dignity [dead only]

The Department of Defense announced today that it repatriated remains of three detainees who died of apparent suicides on June 10, 2006, from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

... The remains of the deceased detainees have been treated with the utmost respect. A cultural advisor has assisted Joint Task Force Guantanamo to ensure that the remains are handled in a culturally and religiously appropriate manner.

Throughout their response to this event, JTF Guantanamo worked diligently to preserve the dignity of the remains and to ensure application of the rituals of the Islamic faith. To ensure these rites were properly observed, a Muslim Imam, U.S. Navy Lt. Saifulislam, was assisted by Muslim members of the command's staff, and supervised all aspects of preparing the remains for transport.

DoD and the Department of State worked closely with the home governments to facilitate the return of the detainee remains as quickly as possible....


db: If they were alive, I bet the dead would be ever-so-grateful. Those guys know how to treat a corpse.