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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back to jail for fake bomb protester

M&C/UPI: A Muslim protester in London seen on security video wearing a fake suicide bomb belt has been returned to jail for violating parole conditions.

Convicted drug dealer Omar Khayam, 22, was chanting with others outside the Danish Embassy, carrying placards that promised repeats of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and those in London last July.

The group gathered to protest a Danish newspaper's cartoons satirizing the Prophet Mohammed that have since been reprinted in international newspapers.

But a Home Office spokesman said Khayam violated his parole conditions by 'intimidating or provocative behavior (and) failing to recognize the impact of (his) behavior on others,' Sky News reported.

He been sentenced to six years in prison in 2002 for possessing cocaine with intent to supply, but he was released on parole last year after serving half of his sentence.

Meanwhile, The Times of London said Prime Minister Tony Blair and Home Secretary Charles Clarke made subtle but obvious remarks encouraging the police to assert as much authority as they felt necessary to keep the protests under control. Link

db: He is fortunate that for some unknown reason the Met chose not to take a flyer and shoot him dead - which is their usual modus operandi.