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Monday, February 06, 2006

13-year old's perfect day included harming prez - so call the secret service!

zwire: The 13-year old John F. Deering Middle School seventh grader that wrote an essay about harm coming to President George W. Bush is not being charged with a crime by the local police department or the Secret Service.
The administrators at John F. Deering Middle School responded appropriately to the student's essay that described his perfect day including harm coming to President George W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey, and WalMart and Coca-Cola, according to West Warwick School Committee members.
The student turned the essay in to his English teacher. The teacher read the essay and then gave it to the principal, according to West Warwick School Committee Chairman Daniel T. Burns.
Burns said the essay was turned over to West Warwick Police School Resource Officer Jesse Tuomisto.
West Warwick Police Det. Sgt. Fernando Araujo said the police contacted the Secret Service because the essay specifically mentioned President Bush. He said the Secret Service came to the school interviewed the student but the student is not being charged. Read more