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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Afghanistan: Does Karzai smoke opium?

scotsman: Afghanistan 'moving towards peace'

Afghanistan's president has insisted the country was moving towards peace, as 3,300 British soldiers prepare to fly out.

Hamid Karzai was adamant his government was in charge of the whole of the country.

And he said the British deployment was not an expansion of troops, but would maintain current levels.

"We don't need more troops, you are continuing the level of troops. As a matter of fact the United States is withdrawing some troops from Afghanistan.

"You don't need more troops to keep the peace, the peace is all right, it's moving forward, it's good. It is just an expansion or role by the UK in Afghanistan."

Mr Karzai told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Afghanistan was "bothered" by al Qaida terrorism. But he said the whole world was affected by the group.

The president denied terror groups were getting stronger in Afghanistan, but he said they were changing their tactics and killing innocent people including children.

Asked if his government was in control of the whole of the country he said: "Yes sir, fully." Read more

db: ...yes, quite clearly he does