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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iraq: A country drowning in 'oceans' of corruption

Azzaman: Iraq is a country which floats on oceans of oil but now we have come to realize that it also floats on oceans of corruption.

As the authorities prepare to issue an arrest warrant against a former defense minister for the alleged theft of $1 billion, the parliament is reported to have been debating embezzlement issues that surpass that figure.

Instead of basking in prosperity, Iraqis are now sunk in an abyss of poverty, organized theft and crime under the banner of an 'elected' and 'legitimate' system of government.

The theft of public money on such unprecedented scale puts the onus for the suffering of Iraqi people in the shortages of electricity and other amenities squarely on government officials who instead of serving the impoverished country chose to plunder it.

The massive sums reported to have been stolen since the U.S. invasion for sure represent a fraction of the money illegally siphoned out of the country.

Public coffers are under attack in the name of legitimacy, public interest and exercise of authority. Most of the theft is illicit and will need the preying eyes of fair and independent auditors to uncover. Read more